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He was born in 1981 in Budapest, and he lives and works in Törökbálint. He graduated in Carlisle (England), in 2005. He earned a Bachelor of Arts diploma at the Fine Art Department of the Cumbria Institute of Arts, England. His work is based on his interest in graffiti and street art. He likes to paint on found materials. He often paints murals on legal walls and also likes to collaborate with other artists. One of his favourite subjects is the human face that he likes to decompose and transform. He often works with hand cut stencils arranging them in symmetric compositions. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Sweden, England and Budapest.



Street art
művész kiállítása

Megnyitó: 2016.06.09. 17h,
ZENE: Dj: Audiolife
Medence Concept Store
1093 Bp. Pipa utca 4.
A kiállítás nyitva: 2016.06.09 - 07.09. hétköznap 10-18h